Trekking and outdoor enthusiast, especially in North countries and in the Arctic, I have always been passionate by craftsmanship in wood and other natural materials. I currently live in the north-west of France.

Being a prehistoric archaeologist, I made my first knives with flint, to reproduce prehistoric tools I was studying... But since then, I have discovered metal blades ! Around ten years ago, I decided to make my own knife for the purposes of outdoor trips and activities, inspired by Scandinavian puukkos. These elegant and functional type of knives are perfectly suited to every requirements of wilderness living.
I work almost exclusively with manual tools and natural materials. I am particularly interested and fascinated by Sami knives, which are emblematic objects of the ancestral culture of reindeer herders. Their blades, their design and the assembly technique embody the perfect harmony of a tool with its environment and the materials it offers (reindeer’s antler and leather, birchbark and birchwood...). 

I use traditional blades from Scandinavia, usually made of hand forged carbon steel. To respect spirit of the North, all other materials, as birch wood and antlers, also come from theses regions (Norway, Sweden and Finland). 

Nordic knives are very versatile : you can use it wherever you go and for a wide variety of tasks, either a walk in the forest or for your domestic needs, as well as for a trek in the Arctic tundra... 
"Knívleysur maður er lívleysur maður" (faroese proverb).

When I make a knife for someone, I am always happy to know it will be used outdoor and in various natural settings. And remember, knife is among the first tool of humanity !

Collecting reindeer antler

Engraving a knife

Landscape near my workshop,
and "my test lab"