Loving hiking and outdoor living, especially in North countries and the Arctic, I decided some years ago to craft my own knife, for all purposes of my trips and activities. I was spontaneously inspired by Scandinavian knives, since of their elegant and functional shape, and also because they are perfectly suited to every requirements of wilderness living.
I work almost exclusively with natural materials. I am particularly interested by Finnish puukko and Sami style knives. Their blades, their design and the assembly technique embody the perfect harmony of a tool with its environment and the materials it offers (reindeer’s antler, birchwood and birchbark...). Hitherto, I'm using blades from scandinavian blacksmiths. But since some month, I'm also learning smithing, to produce my own blades.
Nordic style knives are usually versatile : you can use it wherever you go and for a wide variety of tasks, either a walk in the forest or for some domestic needs, as well as for a trek in the tundra... 
As they are functionnal and living tools, I am always happy to know my knives will be used outdoor and in various natural settings !
Thanks for your interest, and please don't hesitate to contact me for any question !